Oil & Gas


Safety is in our DNA

Praxair offers a full range of industrial, specialty, medical and process gases adapted to the specific requirements of our customers in the offshore industry. Our products and technical services contribute to increased productivity and enhanced safety.  


Praxair’s production site for calibration gases at Rjukan has received ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Certificate. The ISO 17025 certification is specifically designed for testing and calibrating in laboratories to verify their competence to produce valid data.

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Leak Testing

Due to the small size of the molecule and its inert properties, helium is often used as a tracer gas for leak testing of pipelines. A leak of hydrocarbons and other flammable gases may have fatal consequences on platforms or similar installations.

Purging / Inerting

To remove undesirable gases from pipelines and tanks nitrogen is used to purge the systems. Especially residual amounts of hydrocarbons may create possible hazards and must be displaced prior to shutdowns and maintenance work. Also at the commissioning stage of plants air and other unwanted gases have to be removed, and nitrogen is used for this.

Calibration of Gas Analyzers

Praxair can supply the most accurate calibration gases for the gas analyzers in the oil and gas fiscal measurements. As the energy content of natural gases is dependent on the composition, the gas analysis is paramount in the determination of the energy value, hence the sales price of the gas. Praxair has accreditation from the Norwegian approving body that proves our capabilities in the production and analysis of the calibration gases.


Technical Services

Praxair has over 60 years of experience in the industrial gas industry. As a supplier of gases and engineering services we offer gas installations, control of gas quality, training and consulting.

Special Gas Equipment

We have years of experience in the production of specialty gases and equipment. With our gas knowledge we can advise and deliver the equipment that should be used to achieve a secure and qualitatively correct use of gas.

We have a complete delivery program covering most applications with respect to safety, quality, pressure and capacity.

Medical Equipment

We have a complete product range of medical equipment.

We provide:

  • gas manifolds and valves
  • withdrawal posts
  • flow meters
  • cylinder regulators
  • vacuum-pump

As of 14. June 1998 all medical products marketed in Norway shall comply with the Medical Directive 93/42 / EEC. All our products included in this Directive are labelled with a CE sticker. These products are in compliance with the applicable EU standards.

Analytical Services

From our own Praxair Technology Center based in Porsgrunn we can offer the ultimate expertise in gas analysis and applications.

Our scientists and engineers have long experience and the best knowledge in both theoretical and practical methods in gas related questions and can give our customers the most valuable advice.

By using our extensive network with other R&D environments and own experience we have achieved the highest level of gas knowledge. That can be conveyed to our customers helping them to find the optimal solutions in their processes which will give less down-time, giving increased profitability.

Safety Training

We offer customized safety training adapted to the individual business. These trainings include the use of gases, gas handling, transportation, gas storage and product training. These trainings can be given at customer’s site.

In addition, we offer ONLINE gas safety courses that provide essential and mandatory knowledge of gas hazards and safety. Users can take courses at their own site.